Dharma Mittra: "Be receptive is my motto"

Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra is the founder and director of Dharma Yoga Center New York and worldwide known as the “Teachers’ Teacher” and thorugh his famous Master Chart of 908 Postures. He has been actively disseminating the sacred science of Yoga since 1967 and is active as ever, at 71, teaching, guiding and inspiring daily at his schools and through workshops and Teacher Training Immersions the world over. He is coming to Europe in August. already had the chance to talk to him about the purpose of Yoga, flexibility in asanas and why a big city ist the best place to practice Yoga. 

Asana-Research: Interview with Brian Campbell

Brian Campbell teaches Forrest Yoga and is one of ten Forrest Yoga Mentors around the planet Ana Forrest selected to support and spread her vision of „Mending the Hoop of the people“, helping yoga teachers and students to heal themselves, „so they become more effective in healing others and ultimately healing the planet,“ as Brian says.